IQN connect Partner Ecosystem

Supporting the full lifecycle of your CWM needs of today and plans for tomorrow

IQN is revolutionizing how organizations like yours address their expanding CW needs with IQN Connect. As the industry’s first and only digital marketplace for the full CW lifecycle, IQN Connect provides ready access to our network of technology, supplier and MSP partners. Accelerate the success of your program with IQN Connect, your one-stop shop for CW solutions that extend the value of your IQN Compass Vendor Managed System (VMS) platform.

  • Solutions Partners:
    Modern, easy-to-use solutions
    Industry-standard technologies & practices
    Seamless integrations
  • Services Partners:
    Common vision for customer success
    IQN-supported implementations
    Joint end-to-end lifecycle management

The non-employee workforce is on the rise. Contingent labor is expected to comprise 50% or more of the U.S. workforce by 2020, making non-employees critical to achieving operational and business goals.