IQN intelligence suite

delivering data-driven value

If your company is like most, you’ve amassed terabytes of valuable data. Now everyone from the C-level boardroom to the HR backroom is anxious to turn your investment in data into actionable information. Yet Big Data projects can come with Big Data concerns. From data security and compliance to the risk of your valuable data getting into the wrong hands, your team has a lot to consider.


Learn how the IQN Intelligence Suite will:

  • Create the Future for your IQN Data
  • Empower Your Knowledge Workers
  • Deliver Flexibility, Choice and Value in your BI Program
  • Provide Embedded Analytics in the IQN VMS Platform
  • Bring Intelligence to Your Analytics Platform

In today’s fierce war for talent, organizations need to continuously enhance the speed, quality and relevance of their business insights to drive more strategic decisions and informed actions.