success snapshot: travel & hospitality services company

IQN Elevates Contingent Talent Sourcing, Reduces Risk, Paves Way for Global Expansion

IQN teamed with the client to implement IQN Compass VMS in the UK, U.S. and other regions around the world. Including CWM, Statement of Work and Headcount Tracking solutions, the platform is integrated with the client’s Oracle PeopleSoft and onboarding applications. The IQN VMS platform provides critical capabilities for managing the complete contingent workforce lifecycle.


Learn how IQN achieved the following, on-time and on-budget:

  • Centralized and expand its contingent workforce management program
  • Enhanced contingent workforce onboarding, offboarding and visibility
  • Benefited from competitive market rates
  • Met financial, legal and regulatory requirements in multiple countries

"Managing the contingent workforce effectively requires quality quantitative data for decision-making. IQN innovation delivers this intelligence and, as a result, program stakeholders across our organization can better leverage contingent talent to meet their business goals."

– Senior Procurement Manager